Fees and Cancellation Policies


Policies for Group Lessons/Classes


All dogs will be evaluated before enrolling in a class.

Our classes are small so we can customize what you and your dog needs.

After the evaluation,you may choose a class suited to your dog and your interests.

Class schedules vary and some classes are offered on rotating basis.
Most class are 4 or 6 weeks long.

American Kennell Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) classes are a great way to help your dog be comfortable in public situations.
Canine Good Citizen training aims to help responsible owners have well-mannered dogs! It is the gold standard for dog behavior. Dogs who pass the GCG test can earn a certificate and/or the official AKC title. Dogs with the CGC title have the suffix "CGC" after their names.



There are 10 skills you will learn with your dog. See the link above for detailed information.

Family members are welcomed to attend and learn training tips and more about their dog. Children over 8 yrs old may accompany an adult if they are able to follow the safety rules.


On-site evaluation

1. First meeting for evaluation is $75.
Typically this runs an hour and a half, so allow yourself at least this much time.
The purpose of the evaluation is to determine what both you and your dog need to achieve the results you want.
Then the path to get there will be discussed.
What you will get is an honest assessment of how to best get the results based on your dog's individual needs. A rewards-based training program will be outlined for you with your input. We will discuss the basics of rewards-based training- the Do's and Don'ts. This time may include some TTouch exercises, simple training ideas and other recommendations related to diet and possible referral to a vet for medical check. You will be emailed a copy of the evaluation notes, suggested activities with your dog and other relevant information.
Your options after this are Private Lessons or Group Lessons.

When you sign up for a group or private lessons, your evaluation price is discounted to $70.

Group Lessons/Class appointment changes/cancellation/no shows*

A $25 deposit will hold your place in our small classes.

You can change the class you enroll in if you call at least a week in advance (no emails for this).

Life happens. I understand this, so one time change or transfer to a different class is allowed if necessary.

If the class is cancelled due to lack of minimum enrollment, your deposit will be refunded or transferred to another class if you like.

Absences from Group Lessons

If you must miss a group lesson, there are no refunds. Training your dog is a commitment. Each lesson is designed to build on foundations skills that are practiced at home between classes.

In the event of an emergency, we can schedule a review of those skills you missed for an additional $25.00 at another time.

~ Please be aware that if I do not actually talk to you to confirm your changes and you simply do not come to the first class, the deposit for the class will be retained.
The full amount of the class is due to be paid whether you can come to all lessons or 2 of them.~

There are no refunds for deposits and changes other than allowed under the above circumstances.

* $25.00 Deposit for classes must be prepaid by check, cash, PayPal or credit card.

Balance is due at the time of the first class. No refunds after the start of class.




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